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Shop will reopen on Saturday, August 26th at around 11am :)

monthly rewards

I have monthly sticker clubs and pin clubs on Ko-fi! I also have digital tiers that include wallpapers, behind the scenes, and more.

2023 events

Anime Impulse OC | AU03
(September 2-3 | California)
Rose City Comic Con
(September 22-24 | Oregon)
(October 6-8 | California)
Anime Weekend Atlanta
(October 26-29 | Georgia)

(November 17-19 | Oregon)
San Jose Holiday Fair
(November 24-25 | California)
Sip Shop Eat
(December 9-10 | California)
SJ Made Last Minute Shopping
(December 16-17 | California)

Past 2023 events: SJ Made Friend Fest, Kawaii Kon, Sakura-Con, SJ Made Fest, A-Kon, Foodieland, SJ Makers NM, SJ Made Sticker Fest, Anime Expo, Hella Plants Market, 626 Night Market

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Currently, there are 3 places you can shop for my merch! You can find stickers, charms, plushies and more on my main shop. You can also find stickers & pins through my ko-fi memberships. I am now on Mushroomy, where you can buy my art and from other creators at the same time!! Hooray!


If you want to learn about working as a full-time artist, check out my Ko-fi page & studio vlogs. Plus, I have an Amazon page* where you can check out the items I use in my studio setups. :)

*This storefront contains affiliate links where I may earn a commission.

My botanical pin Kickstarter ended successfully! I am working through shipping everything out. Thank you so much for making it a successful campaign. <3

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a good one :) -Nicole

Welcome to Muneflower Hollow!

Welcome! My characters live in a magical garden, so my art and prints feature round creatures within natural settings. I hope for my art to encourage fun, whimsical feelings & to share knowledge about the natural world.If you'd like to learn more about Muneflower Hollow and its residents, please visit my character bio page!

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